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How to Score Extremely High in your POST UTME – 2019/2020


Although there are speculations that there won’t be post utme this year, there are still high chances that most schools will still write post utme this 2019/2020 session.
This page is important to every aspirant because even if your school don’t write post utme, then what you get from this page will be useful in your year one. If however, your school writes post utme, then with the help of this page and God, you will score high in POST UTME.
If your aspiring school will write post utme this year, then the next question should be, how can I score high in the post? Scoring high in post utme strengthens your chances of getting admission in your school’s first batch admission list. Most schools don’t joke with students who merit the admission.
It is, however, important to note that for some courses, you don’t really need to score high in post utme and you still gain admission on the first list. While for some courses like Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy Law, etc, you need a good post utme score for you to see your name on the admission list.
How can you score high in post utme? Yeah, this page will give you practical secrets to scoring high in the almighty post utme.
First, what is post utme? This is the second exam or screening you will have to undergo before your aspiring the school considers you for admission.

How to Score High in Post UTME

Without wasting your time, see the secrets below;
1. Know Your Aspiring School Post UTME/Screening Method of Post UTME and Setting Questions:
It's very important to know your school’s method for post utme. Know were their previous questions were gotten from. Know what their past questions look like. These things will enable you to know exactly what the exam will look like.
For most schools, they will ask you questions based on your UTME subjects. While others like FUNAI might ask you questions from maths, English, and current affairs.
Also, make sure you know if your school admission screening is either oral/interview screening, Computer Based Examination (CBE), Paper Based Examination (PPE) or any other method of screening.
For those who don’t know what their questions and post utme looks like, just ask us using the comment box below and please state your aspiring course and school. We promise to answer your question as soon as we can

Revise your School Post UTME Past Questions:

Although it seems like we said this in the previous point, we are making it a topic on its own because of its great importance. Make sure your practice your aspiring school post utme past questions. This will really help you reduce tension in the exam hall.
In Munn for example, their aspirants writing literature in English were asked questions from the novel of the 1980s. Normally, aspirants writing that subject will think their questions will come out from recent novels.

Even if it means buying the past questions, just get it! And make sure you’re not reading fake past questions. That’s the worst thing you can do.

Read your textbooks, Notebooks, and Listen to News:
In those days when I was an aspirant, I was a victim of this particular point. Every time I want to read I will just pick my school post utme past questions and answer them. I even went on cramming the questions. To me if I can cram all the post utme past questions, then am a boss.., I will give the examiners assignment..them must award me a scholarship (lol).

That wasn’t the case. Though I didn’t fail the exam, my score wasn’t that encouraging. My dear, learn from my experience.

Don’t just read you school post utme past questions, read your textbooks, notebooks (the one you got from classes and/or lesson.

Aside from reading the above, listen to the news. Be current in the happenings in Nigeria. For example, President Buhari on Wednesday, 6th June 2018, changed the date for democracy day. Some schools will ask questions like, What’s the new date for Democracy day in Nigeria? Ans: June 12th.

Also, read you're the updated current affairs. Some schools ask your question from this category. Like we said earlier, if you want to know what to prepare with for your school post utme, then ask us using the comment box below.

4. Don’t Procrastinate, Start Reading Now!
Procrastination according to the Cambridge English Dictionary is the act of delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring.

Procrastination can be deadly because it makes you think there’s still time… and boom! your exam is the next day! Don’t procrastinate again. Pick your books and read now!

Don’t forget to pray & Play.

Anybody that will advise you to just read without praying and playing must hide something from you. You can’t just kill yourself with reading ooo., (lol).

Make sure you play but DON’T overdo it., play indoor games like LUDO, ‘what’, etc, play outdoor games like Table tennis, football, skipping, running, etc, depends on the on that fits you! But like we said, don’t OVER DO IT, DON T OVER PLAY!

On the prayer factor, please pray before and after reading. GOD is the BOSS, he blesses our efforts and makes us excel when we beg him to do so.

6. Get Latest Information, Be Updated with News from Your School and JAMB
This point is important, you might be ready to score high in the post utme but when you’re not informed on the latest news in your school, you maybe miss your exam, miss some helpful information, get defrauded, etc.

We, therefore, advise you to get the informed. Miss no information from your school. There is some reliable website out there that can feed you with the latest educational news.

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